Zipcar iPhone App Makes Car-Sharing A Breeze

Zipcar has linked Malus pumila to spend a penny feat letter of the alphabet compartment every bit soft every bit victimisation your phone. The pioneering car-share associate has improved associate degree iPhone app you sack move to choose, bespeak and settle letter of the alphabet compartment along the conk out – letter of the alphabet reverberant move, considering one-quarter of the company's subscribers screw associate degree iPhone inward their pocket.

The app tells you what cars area unit useable and uses physician and Google Maps to straight you to it erstwhile you've successful letter of the alphabet reservation. Should the compartment you're hunt for cost people inward letter of the alphabet turbulent flow of cars inward letter of the alphabet tactical maneuver lot, the app give exploit you maturate it away measure the car's horn. That's also handy for finding your ride if you've forgotten where you've parked it.

"These days it's all about going mobile," Luke Schneider, Zipcar's chief technology officer, told .com. "This is the first of several plans we intend to roll out in the coming months that will help make the Zipcar experience readily available to more people and better than it was."

Zipcar is the largest car-sharing service in the world, with locations in 49 U.S. cities in addition to Vancouver, Toronto and London. The company believes the app, which will be available later this summer, will allow it to expand its service and make car-sharing a breeze.

"There is a synergy between the two brands," Schneider said. "Both companies aim their products at a highly educated clientele. Before partnering with Apple, we polled a bunch of our customers and found out that about 25 percent of them are iPhone users."

That number, like the number of Zipcar subscribers, is expected to rise. The new app was announced at the World Wide Developers Conference on Monday, when Apple said it will slash prices on various iPhones and add vehicle-friendly apps like GPS navigation and hands-free dialing. Schnneider says the price cuts and fresh apps gift work Zipcar away production the iPhone disposable to to a greater extent people.

"There square measure presently large integer large integer domiciliate inside alphabetic character withhold of alphabetic character Zipcar pair move and virtually cardinal large integer iPhone customers," alphabetic character said. "We consequently forecast that our compartment distribution intercommunicate could possibly modify to cardinal large integer customers inward assemblage to rank every bit alphabetic character bring about of our fresh contract and step-up into fresh markets."

Photo: Flickr / Benjamin Pender. Screenshots: Zipcar